Your local Abu Dhabi dry cleaners & launderette service

Some of our most sought after services include the following:

Washing services: We offer washing services for all kinds of clothes and linen. Our laundry services take place under a hygienic, neat and clean environment, where utmost importance is given to maintenance of quality of each piece. In order to save you the hassle, we also offer prompt delivery and pickup of your laundry. For the convenience of our customers, we are now also offering self service laundry Abu Dhabi, through which you can service your clothes yourself within our facilities.

Are you looking for high quality, Laundry Services Abu Dhabi? We are the only laundry service Abu Dhabi that solve all your laundry woes under one roof! Landry near me is the perfect solution to all your laundry requirements. With years of experience in the industry, we are well acquainted with the demands of all our customers; therefore, we tailor our services according to their individual requirements. Our prices are highly affordable while the services we offer are of premium quality, making us the best laundry Abu Dhabi. Our services are designed to give your clothes the care and attention they deserve without affecting your budget. We also offer home laundry services Abu Dhabi for customers who want neat and clean clothes within the comfort of their homes.

Free Pickup and Delivery

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Our dry cleaning & laundry service in Abu Dhabi

Dry cleaning services: This service is available for clothes that are fancy or expensive and can be damaged by water. Our dry clean services are carried out by our most experienced team, using top quality chemicals that maintain the quality of your clothes.
Ironing services: We are one of the few laundry services Abu Dhabi that press your clothes immaculately, leaving them free of crease and fine lines. You can opt for normal iron or steam press depending on the fabric. The clothes are then folded and delivered to you free of charge.
Tumble drying services: Here, your clothes are tumble dried using special technology and procedures, leaving them free from moisture. Free pickup and delivery is available upon request.

While delivering our free pickup and delivery laundry service Abu Dhabi, special care is give to the following:
•    The color and quality of your laundry: Special care is given to maintain the original form of your clothes.
•    Pickup and delivery at and from your doorstep: We ensure a service that is quality and hassle free at the same time. In order to make it easy for our customers we offer timely pick up and delivery of your laundry.
•    Neat and clean ironing along with folding of your clothes:  For us, presentation is everything. Once serviced, we iron and fold your clothes immaculately.
•    Efficient removal of stains and disinfection of your clothes: Our stain removal technology guarantees premium results. We also whiten the clothes, making them new again, disinfecting them appropriately.
All you need to do is give us a call or click on our link to avail quality and convenient laundry Abu Dhabi. Our motif is to give you a hassle free experience paired with high quality services at highly affordable prices. 

What customers say about us

Good and efficient staff. My clothes were delivered way before than I expected

Selim Customer

They are reasonable in the city, good service, will use them again, 5***** !!

Jo n Jo Customer

Very co-operative team, Delivery on time always. I will use them again and again

Jordan Franklin Customer

Wash & Fold (6kg)

From AED 40.00

1 Suit & 5 Shirts

From AED 50

Five Shirts

From AED 30

Two Work Dresses

From AED 40